What does FAQ mean? It stands for frequently-asked questions.

This page gives quick and direct answers to your questions about our wedding videography services. 

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.


What are the different types of wedding video styles?

There are three different types of wedding video styles that are popular today. The first is the documentary style. This is where the camera stays in one location to capture the event as it happens. The second type is called a cinematic style, which has more creative shots with lots of movement and close-ups.

The third style is called a hybrid movie because it combines elements from both documentary and cinematic styles.


What is the cost of wedding videography?

The cost of wedding videography varies from vendor to vendor. The average cost of a wedding videographer in South Africa is around ZAR R20,000 for a seven-hour package.


What is the average cost of a wedding videographer?

The cost of a wedding videographer does vary widely depending on your pro's experience and level of expertise, in addition to your wedding's location. The average cost of wedding videography ranges from ZAR 15000 - ZAR 30000 This is not including travel expenses, editing costs and other misc costs that might be included. It also all depends on where you live and what kind of package you want for your video.


How many hours of wedding coverage should i get?

The general rule is the more coverage you pay for, the more footage you will get. The number of hours of coverage is often determined by how many hours your reception lasts. We do offer additional hours on our Shop Page. https://www.duplooymedia.com/shop/


Do i need to hire a videographer for my ceremony only or all day coverage?

Videographers are the perfect way to capture the best moments of your wedding day. Some couples may be looking for a videographer who can take care of everything from start to finish, while other may only need a videographer for parts of the day or ceremony. There are different types and prices available and there really is something out there for everyone.


Who are the best wedding videographers in our area?

A wedding videographer is a professional who films weddings. Typically, the responsibility of a wedding videographer involves providing recordings of the ceremony and reception. There are different types of work that may be done by a wedding videographer including filming the bride getting ready before the ceremony, capturing footage during the ceremony, filming people in attendance, capturing special moments in slow motion, and capturing candid shots.

The job of a wedding videographer is to professionally film all aspects of your big day with skilful workmanship and creative perspectives. Wedding videos allow you to relive your best memories for years to come without having to worry about forgetting all those details you wanted captured on camera!


What is a cinematic highlights film?

This film includes the best moments of your day set to music. We weave in live audio such as messages that you record for each other, your vows, & audio from your ceremony & toasts. The result is a cinematic film that captures the emotions on your day so that you can relive it over and over again throughout your marriage.  Imagine how amazing it would be to go to the movie theatre to watch a film about your own wedding day. That is how you’ll feel when you watch your wedding film!


Where are you guys based out of?

We're based out of Johannesburg, Sandton but film all over South Africa including: Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, PE, Bloemfontein, Nelspruit, Muldersdrift, & Harrismith.


Do you travel?

We're totally available to travel. Contact us and we'll get you more information.


How many videographers will be at our wedding day?

We believe that the with having two videographers to capture your big day is always better, because we can literally be at two places at once. However with our base package we try to make wedding videography more affordable, so if you want to book an Additional Cinematographer / Cameraman visit the Wedding Add-On's part of our store page.


How many cameras will there be?

We use 2-3 cameras as standard on all of our videos to ensure a good range of coverage.


How do you record sound?

We use professional standard sound recording equipment to assure your vows and speeches are clear to hear with no unwanted distractions. We believe sound is just as important, if not more important than the visuals when it comes to filming your wedding day. In order to capture clear sound of your vows and speeches we use a combination of on-board microphones attached to our cameras and what is also known as lavaliere microphones connected to a small recording device. This can be placed discreetly in the groom’s pocket for the ceremony. As long as the bride, groom and marriage officiant are placed in close distance of one another, the mic placed on groom will pick up all dialogue. In some cases we may ask to mic up the marriage officiant also. We will use this same method when recording the speeches at your reception.


Are you insured?

We are fully insured and have public liability insurance.  


Do you charge a deposit for making a booking?

Yes. To secure your booking for our services and save the date, we ask for a ZAR R4999.00 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is paid when the contract is signed, with the remaining balance to be paid 2 week prior to your big day.


We’d like to get our wedding filmed, but the price seems so expensive. why is this?

That question pretty much needs it’s own article, but keep in mind, the hours and cost involved with: Administration, enquiries, marketing, gear (cameras, tripods, audio recording equipment, lighting, and a bunch of special tools to help us get some epic shots), gear maintenance, transport, meeting with clients, organising schedules, preparation (charging batteries, cleaning lenses, clearing cards), filming, editing (downloading footage, watching through, cutting down, choosing music, story-telling, colour-grading, touching up, exporting, uploading). Keeping in mind that typically around 30-40 hours will go into editing your wedding film! Wedding videography is a huge, detailed, and time-consuming process. If we didn’t charge what we did, the product would suffer. See our blog post https://www.duplooymedia.com/post/why-wedding-videography-is-expensive


Can we meet before hand to discuss details?

We would absolutely love to meet all of our couples before their big day, but we know this isn’t always possible. So we usually recommend a phone or Skype call. We want to make sure we answer any questions you are curios about, that you are fully confident in our ability to make your wedding film as special as it can be and more importantly, so we can find out a little bit about yourselves. We don’t want to be a stranger to you, we want to assure you are as comfortable as can be around us, after all we will be a part of your special day!


What is a ’short form wedding film'?

Although there is no official standard, the generally accepted rule of thumb for a short form is between 3-5 minutes in length. The first thing you will probably notice when viewing a short form wedding video is that events don’t always occur in chronological order. That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t flow. In fact most times it can have a very concise flow. The reason being is that couples trust our creative instincts, which in turn allows us to tell a more compelling story by shifting around certain moments. This is known as“time-shifting.” The ultimate goal of the short form film is to harness the overall emotion of the day, and to tell a story that’s engaging, fun, and honest.


Can we cancel at any time? 

Cancellations must be made in writing and we will retain your ZAR R4999.00 booking fee unless we find a replacement booking for your date.


What sort of things do you film on the day?

Our style is to generally not set up posed scenes….we leave the formal arrangements to the photographer and strive to capture a natural record of what your day entailed.


How do we receive our wedding video?

Our standard packages include your film or films supplied as high definition MP4 files on a personalised USB. 


Can we choose our own music for the edit?

For our highlight films, we prefer to utilise online music portals which provide us with some high quality and unique tracks.  This also allows the films to be shared online and through social media, unlike those with pop music, which have heavy copyright restrictions. We always run our music selections by our couples for their ‘ok’ before editing it into the film.


What’s unique about your work?

We’ve been doing this for a long time, but love to evolve to keep our work to the highest standard. As with photography, the price videography can often reflect experience and quality of the videographer’s work and work processes. We always recommend that couples view our previous work, as we believe the quality and value of our work speaks for itself and nobody does it like we do.Not only do we utilise fully professional camera equipment and years of experience producing film, documentary and advertising projects, but we incorporate a unique eye for detail and artistic cinematography techniques during the shoot.Following this, we spend a great deal of time to ‘colour touch’ and tweak every single shot in a highlight edit with advanced professional imaging software ensuring every second of your film is up to our high standards.

…but just view our work and you will see the difference!


Do you offer photography as well?

Unfortunately not! Video is our passion and our specialty. There are so many brilliant photographers out there who specialise in their craft and have spent years honing their skills, so I have no doubt you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you. If you’re struggling to find one, let us know and I can put you in touch with some talented people.


How far in advance should i book a wedding videographer?

I’d say around 9 - 15 months in advance is usually the sweet spot to ensure you get your preferred date. However, I purposely don’t book myself out for every single weekend of the year, and so I’m sometimes available quite last-minute.


How many weddings have you filmed?

I have been filming weddings Since 2007, Not 100% certain about the exact amount, but way over 150 throughout my career and have filmed everything from family to celebrity weddings. I started filming and editing weddings at a company by the name of Mardo Photo & Video, in the Vaal-TriAngle & Warren James Photography, & Creative Director for the "Droom-Troue" Television Series, where I filmed the celebrity wedding of Anais & Maurice of the BeYourDream Project. I am very blessed to also be part of TheStreamTeam, an Event Livestream Company from Sandton, and we have formed a partnership with them to assist us with the important task of live streaming weddings.

Why should I hire you to film my wedding instead of another company?

DUPLOOYMEDIA will capture the best moments of your day without being intrusive or demanding. It is best to choose a wedding videographer with experience, and someone who knows what they are doing. We are authentic, we love what we do and we always give our couples the best service with a smile. That is why we are one the best wedding videography and video production companies in the business.


Will you give us the raw footage?

We offer raw footage as an add-on. We love it when our couples take advantage of all the types of service we offer and letting you have the raw footage is another of them. Not all wedding videographers will allow you the option to get it but we feel it’s an important part of a wedding video package to offer. We aren’t afraid of you seeing the test shots that there will be included. Just because a shot doesn’t look good to us from an aesthetic or storytelling perspective doesn’t mean it can’t add value to you personally. In addition we also think you might like to want an Extras Reel.


What is an extras reel?

An Extras Reel is bonus footage from your wedding day that didn’t make it into your cinematic highlights film but that we felt you would want to see, such as behind-the-scene moments while the two of you are getting ready and your full first dance and special dances. (minimal editing)


What is a save the date video?

Save the Date Videos are a modern twist on the old postcards. We can create a slideshow of the two of you dating leading up to your engagement or we can do a video shoot of the two of you at the location of your proposal, where you met or where you had your first date.


Do you offer same-day edits?

To ensure the highest quality filming & editing of our wedding films, we don't offer Same-Day Edits.


Will we have to do a lot of posing for our wedding video?

No! We prefer capturing the events of your day as they unfold naturally. In fact, many couples choose us for their wedding videography because our wedding films look natural and people don’t look posed, even when we film your creative session. As your wedding videographer, we also practice the ninja-like skill of being invisible throughout your day while still filming everything! After a few minutes onsite, you’ll forget we’re there.


Do you get along with wedding photographers?

Always! We know that your wedding photographers are just as keen to get beautiful photos as we are to capture breathtaking wedding videography of you and your day. We believe in collaboration, co-operation, and courtesy when it comes to your photographers and other wedding vendors. We'll work professionally and politely with your photographer to ensure they get amazing shots, and we get gorgeous wedding videography.


We would love to see some of your previous work. where can we check it out?

Head over to our Youtube or vimeo channels, or check our Facebook page. @duplooymedia


If you have any other questions contact us for assistance all our contact details are on our contact page. https://www.duplooymedia.com/contact/